Firstly, we integrate your systems into our BitDefender antivirus cloud monitoring software. This software acts as the first line of defence against malicious programs or websites that your employees may unintentionally encounter. It provides real-time reports on threats to your business and allows us to inform you and your employees about any unsafe activities.

In addition, we also install Ninja RMM to track the hardware and process utilisation of your devices in real-time. Ninja RMM is a powerful tool that allows us to closely monitor the performance of your hardware components and keep a watchful eye on system processes. It also enables us to remotely manage computer updates and assist you with various processes or files.

By implementing Ninja RMM, we gain valuable insights into the health and efficiency of your devices. We can quickly identify any bottlenecks or issues that may be impacting the overall performance of your systems. This real-time monitoring empowers us to proactively address concerns and ensure that your devices are operating at their best.

With Ninja RMM in place, we actively track and analyse important metrics such as CPU usage, memory utilisation, and disk performance. This data allows us to make informed recommendations for system optimisations, upgrades, or adjustments that can enhance the speed, stability, and overall performance of your devices.

Throughout the onboarding process, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your current setup to identify areas that could benefit from optimisation or improvement. Our team of experts scrutinises various aspects of your technological ecosystem, including email storage, password usage, and system hardware requirements that may impact productivity.

Upon completing our analysis, we provide you with a detailed initial report that outlines any issues we have identified along with our recommended solutions. These suggestions are tailored to address the specific challenges we’ve discovered, ultimately enhancing the performance of your systems.

At every step, our dedicated team ensures your satisfaction and delivers the highest level of service. By leveraging our expertise and utilising industry-leading tools, we guarantee a smooth onboarding experience that sets the stage for optimal productivity and peace of mind.