SLA Times

Initial Response

  1. Requests for support will be fulfilled on priorities (Critical, High, Medium, Normal) which are determined by urgency and level of impact.

  2. Response is defined as a “good faith” effort to communicate with the customer using the contact information provided by that customer. Response may be via phone or voice mail, e-mail, or personal visit.

  3. Service Level response times to service requests are measured once a request is submitted via email to our ticketing and issue tracking system. Other forms of contact may affect the ability of ITS to meet the requests in a timely fashion. Examples include: Direct emails to individual support personnel, Direct phone calls to individual support personnel.

Status Definitions with Initial Response Times

  • Critical – Within 1 business hour: Catastrophic inability to complete job duties. Example: computer does not turn on or boot up properly.

  • High – Within 3 business hours: Loss of a major job duty. Example: E-mail not working, not connected to internet, inability to print at all. VoIP (basic) not working, no phone service. Example: cannot receive incoming calls and cannot make outgoing calls.

  • Medium – Within 7 business hours: There is a problem to be solved, but customer is still functional and has other options Example: Desktop printer is not working, but customer has access to departmental printers. VoIP (basic) phone working but voice mail not working.

  • Normal – Within 1 business day: General request for machine setup reformat or other tasks that are not time sensitive. Example: User needs help but will not be available until a few days later. General requests for VoIP (basic), such as, feature changes, phone relocation, adding/changing service, and new phone.

Issues that cannot be resolved remotely or over the phone will be escalated to the IT support team assigned to the site.